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We are here to meet your needs

We are building mobile responsive websites that work for you and your business.

We are problem solvers that are focused on identifying the needs and current problems of our partners. We are proposing solutions to solve your problems and help you cross those bridges and bridge disconnections.

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Services we do

Our main services

Web Development

Custom Webpage/Website Development. Planning, layout, setup, development, and deployment of a company or a personal website. A responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you're reading it on.

Web Design

Visually interesting sites with content that speaks in the company voice, ensuring site visitors have a seamless experience that reflects the values of the company.


Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Web Development

More than just a brochure, your website is the most crucial part of your business.

Whether you are a multi-national conglomerate or a one-man start-up, you need a website that showcases exactly who you are and what you do. Let us help you meet your goals.

Website development is a process where your business website is to come to life and start interacting with your visitors.

Web development
Web Design

Website design is the first step towards representing your business online

More than just visually pleasing, your business website needs to be inviting and informative for your visitors.

In order to transform your visitors into a paying customers business website needs to show the visitors that they are at the right place, to make them feel comfortable browsing through your website, leading them to the information they need, encourage them to contact you or take an action by allowing them to easily find the way to right buttons and forms.

Web development
Mobile Responsive

Is your website mobile responsive?

There is a very good chance that your business website will be visited through a mobile device. The latest data shows that roughly 50% of visits to the websites are coming through mobile devices and this trend continues to grow.

We will ensure your site is functional on all browsers and maintains its aesthetic and ease of use whether on a mobile, laptop or PC.

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The job doesn’t stop when the site is launched.

We can write or rewrite the SEO content for you and there are a lot of ways.

We will test and update the website when required ensuring optimum usage, always.

Our team will spend time getting to know you and your customer to ensure the website reflects exactly what you need and gives them exactly the experience they want.

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From A to B

Our goals and how we work

We want to help you improve your business, not just a website. We want happy and successful clients.

Every business deserves the ability to be online. So does yours and we will make it happen.

We always try to solve existing problems with our partner's online presence and aim to help them attract more clients.

We are building long-term relationships with our clients.

We dedicate lots of effort to do our research and deliver quality over quantity.

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Why Us?

When is the right time to contact us?

Not getting enough sales?

Not attracting the clients you would like to?

Don't feel the current website communicates for you as it should?

Any existing technical problems?

Be honest with us, that is the only way we can help you reach your goals and work together. Conversation is the most important thing between us and our customers.

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Grow your business

We can help you with targeting the desired audience, putting your business on the map, choosing the right keywords, connecting your website with social networks and finding helpful Google services.

Enhance the performance of your website.

Boost the organic search through SEO.

Convert your visitors into returning customers.

Keep your customers up to date.

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Cross platform and cross device websites

At Lazetra we make sure that all the code is written using only bespoke modern professional practices, ensuring fast loading of the web page, with no glitches or overlapping.

We aim for perfect readability as well as perfect accessibility for all website visitors.

We will ensure that your business website is perfectly responsive on all devices, no matter the screen size.

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SEO traffic

For the search engines to recognize and rank your business website they need to collect the information about your website. That is where the SEO takes the stage.

With so many new websites created every day, search engines need to know what is your website about, is it worth their time, whether you are a genuine business that needs some help to be presented to the right kind of audience.

We will do an on-page optimization for your business website in order for the search engines to find, get to know, and rank your website as high as possible and keep it ranking better and better as it proves genuine and professional.

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Mobile responsive, mobile first approach

Many people find this approach fast and convenient because they can inform themselves in a few taps and scrolls on the screen.

Here at Lazetra, we are always using a mobile-first approach. Creating website pages starts with the design completely adapted to the mobile screen view.

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Satisfied and happy customers

Visitors will want to easily find their way throughout your website, they will want a perfectly working menu, easily approachable buttons, convenient scroll to the bottom of your website, and most important of all: they will want to see the information fast, very fast, or they will simply leave.

The latest studies show that the average person will wait 1-2 seconds for the mobile page to load and even more patient ones will wait only 3 seconds for the website to respond.

We will make sure that your business website is loading fast and that is completely mobile responsive.

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In the process of creating a successful business website are included hours of finding all the right colors, all the readable fonts, spaces, and pictures as well as videos that will guide the eye of a visitor and make them enjoy the experience of staying at your business website.

We can help you with targeting the desired audience, putting your business on the map, choosing the right keywords, connecting your website with social networks, and finding helpful Google services.

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Our Team

People behind our business

Dora Danicic

SEO Analyst, Web Developer
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Alexander Danicic

Web Developer
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Our services can help your business grow and be more successful in the field, make you stand out from your competition, and improve your sales. We are always happy to help and assist your business.

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